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EcoFlow 160W Portable Solar Panel

EcoFlow 160W Portable Solar Panel

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✅ Portable & self-supporting
✅ Smart solar power
✅ Durable with IP68 waterproof rating
✅ One-piece folding design
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Be in charge wherever you are. The EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel delivers ample and green power on the go.

Portable & Self-supportable

Carry this 15-pound panel in a case that doubles as a stand, giving you the best angle for solar charging.

So Much More Sun

32 premium monocrystalline silicon cells provide a high conversion efficiency of 22%. Recharge even faster by chaining multiple panels in a series or in parallel.

Built to weather the storm.

Our 160W portable solar panel can carry on collecting energy even during a downpour. With a protective ETFE film and a high IP resistance level of 68, the solar cells can withstand environments from humid and wet to dry and dusty.

More than a carry case

It comes with its own carry case so you can take it anywhere. Once you arrive at your destination, simply unfold it and use it as a kickstand to get your sun exposure just right.

solar connectors

The perfect power couple.

All EcoFlow portable solar panels use a universal solar connector, so they work with almost all third-party portable power stations as well as EcoFlow’s.

  • 110W

    • Rated Power: 110 Watts
    • Unfolded: 62.5x20.2x1.0in
    • Efficiency: 21-22%
    • Warranty: 12 Months
    • MSRP: $399
  • 160W

    • Rated Power: 160 Watts
    • Unfolded: 61.8x26.8x1.0 in
    • Efficiency: 21-22%
    • Warranty: 12 Months
    • MSRP: $449
  • 220W Bifacial

    • Rated Power: 120 Watts
    • Unfolded: 72.2x32.3x0.98 in
    • Efficiency: 22-23%
    • Warranty: 12 Months
    • MSRP: $649
  • 400W

    • Rated Power: 400 Watts
    • Unfolded: 93.1x43.7x1.0 in
    • Efficiency: 22%
    • Warranty: 12 Months
    • MSRP: $1,199

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the most solar power?

Increase the efficiency of your solar panel by facing it directly at the sun without any obstructions. Remember to be careful when handling your solar panel because damaged cells provide less power.

Does it charge if it's inside?

Yes, if the only thing between it and the sun is transparent, but it won’t charge as well compared to being outside. You can compare the difference by looking at the input section of your power station’s LCD screen.